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As we approach the three hundredth anniversary, the spirit of the times requires that we demonstrate a mission of transparency. To overcome prejudices and misconceptions through community outreach. To dispel myths through informed dialogue and to employ critical thought towards greater understanding and appreciation of our rich and colorful history, our noble principles and our sage approach to life. To encourage open participation and an exchange of ideas while setting the appropriate atmosphere of intellectual honesty, integrity and respect. Not only to show how and why we are relevant with respect to our generous tradition of giving, but to retain the innovative and distinctive hallmark of our principles, enshrined in the hearts and minds of illustrious men since the age of enlightenment - The love of humanity.
Historically, such principles allowed men of disparate views since earliest origins of modern civil society, to come together under a faculty of reason, supported by the effort and courage to think. Fashioning a laudable outcome, then and only then, when predicated on that value which underlies all values - Freedom.


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