Who we are

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." 

Franklin D. Roosevelt, American President and Freemason

Although our idea and collaboration for Temple Radio was conceived at a local bistro on Toronto's Queen St. west side, near the old Gladstone Hotel;  It would be more accurate to say the seeds of this endeavour were set months earlier at a  Scottish Rite initiation, where a discussion on esoteric and (as we like to refer) not-so-esoteric aspects of the fraternity ensued.

Amidst the members of the Rite and other initiates present, Victor and I hit it off immediately.  Despite possessing a range of differing opinions on an array of issues, our conversation settled into a sense of mutual familiarity.  It was clear that (when it came to Freemasonry) we both held sincere thoughts imbued with a healthy dose of passionate commitment.  What was equally clear - neither of us was adamant.  In other words, we never lost sight of the fact that we may be wrong about the very things we are passionate about.  Perhaps that was the dormant ingredient that sparked the seminal moment of our collaboration which made sense only months later, as we sat to discuss the initial purpose and direction of Temple Radio.


Our goal with Temple Radio is not to foster a school of thought, but an intellectual awakening.   Akin to a movement within Freemasonry that is Freemasonry at its roots.  This is hard to pin down precisely because Freemasonry is not an axiomatic set of laws, or doctrines.  It is axiom-less.  Equally making way for much freedom and vertigo – the awareness that nothing is certain. Yet in the “chaos” of uncertainty, it is “order” we look to for a solid ground to stand on. That order is principle.  Such a principle is more accurately defined as an approach to taking responsibility,  ultimately leaving the individual with little or no excuse, for unanticipated outcomes of ones action.  We make our own choices, even in lieu of destiny, as we forge the road to that city of light on the hill.  A practicing Freemason is in a constant motion of overcoming himself;  a process of becoming what he always had propensity to become – to become that which he always was.

Currently we are members in good standing with the Grand Lodge of Canada in the province of Ontario. We belong to the Masonic Rosicrucian Society (SRIC - McLeod Moore)  Victor is a member of the York Rite.  We're from Toronto and share a taste in the alternative, the avant-garde and maybe the slightly louder riffs of life's ever changing musical array of notes.  We have a mutual  appreciation for the Arts and Sciences. Victor being and artist and I with degrees in Political Sciences, Philosophy and Psychological Sciences.  This podcast is our attempt to learn  something about ourselves, the craft and the purpose of how it all fits together.